Capto is meeting the elements

Posted by Lenne on 14th August 2017

Capto is getting a new interface with a new theme! We are reworking the UI to make it more user friendly and while doing so we are changing Capto to an element theme. Now players are divided into team water, fire or nature!
- Main menu
- Map
- New characters

Volo at the Dutch Game Garden!

Posted by Lenne on 5th May 2017

Last wendsday we started a new incubation program at the Dutch Game Garden. In this program we will look to improve various aspects of our company and we hope to learn more about the ways to let the world know about our games. Together with 10 other companies we will be following this program for about 6 months. Thanks to Menno van Peelt-Deen and the Dutch Game Garden for setting it up!

The first playtest!

Posted by Kevin on 16th December 2016

In September 2015 we had a first playtest with an early version of Capto. About 60 kids played the game in two days, and the response was great! Based on this prototype we started developing the full version of Capto which can be seen on the games page. Also see our Facebook for more photos of the event. Link here!