Capto is our first and only game(for now). We hope to expand it as a "multiple games in one" project!

Capto is a mobile game meant to play outside for a minimum of three players and up. The phone serves supportive for the game, but the gameplay is in the real world. At the start of the game the players are divided into three teams(rock, paper and scissors), the goal is to make your team as large as possible by capturing other players. You do this by being in a physical range of approximately 10 meters of the opponent player. When staying in range long enough, the player that is captured will be part of his opponent team.

Once one team is eliminated, round two starts. In round two, the team that is still able to capture it’s opponent will be hunting to get all the opponents in their team before the timer ends. So for example when scissors gets eliminated in round one, rock now has to stay out of the hands of the paper players until the timer ends. If they succeed, team rock wins. If not, paper will be the winner.

We already tested an early version of Capto with a group of about 60 kids in collaboration with Fontys Hogeschool and Staatsbosbeheer. Here you can see some pictures of those days Link here!

Capto is not available for download yet, hopefuly we can soon announce a release date!